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The case against comments

I quit using comments on all of my sites several years ago. Here’s why.

2021 recap: ending the Pro membership, buying a dot com, and restarting app development

2021 was a year of reprioritization and rest. I removed the things causing me unnecessary stress, focused more on my full-time job (which I thoroughly enjoy), and wrote articles when I felt like it. A few big things happened in 2021. I ended the Coywolf Pro membership and finally convinced the owner of to […]

2020 recap: the past, present, and future

When I launched Coywolf Pro two years ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what it would become. I was, and still am, driven to create an experience that people will enjoy and want to come back to. For me, that means having a UX that’s free of distractions and resources that teach you something new each […]

Coywolf News welcomes marketing and technology news editor, Tamara Scott

Coywolf News is excited to announce its new marketing and technology editor, Tamara Scott. She will help in broadening the coverage of Coywolf News.

ATTN: Digital marketers and webmasters, storefronts and restaurants need our help

My next-door neighbor owns a restaurant, and one of my best friends manages a storefront. The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is currently crushing their businesses. Their only option right now is to have an online presence that can serve customers, and they need our help. They don’t need to be your new client. […]

Coywolf News adds Paid Marketing editor, Akvile DeFazio

Coywolf News added its first regular contributor, Akvile DeFazio. DeFazio will write about paid marketing news, with a focus on social media advertising.

Should your company practice transparency?

For the last several years there’s been a trend towards corporate transparency. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the act of publicly sharing information about your company like revenue, customer count, churn, and sometimes personal information about your employees.