2021 recap: ending the Pro membership, buying a dot com, and restarting app development

2021 was a year of reprioritization and rest. I removed the things causing me unnecessary stress, focused more on my full-time job (which I thoroughly enjoy), and wrote articles when I felt like it. A few big things happened in 2021. I ended the Coywolf Pro membership and finally convinced the owner of coywolf.com to sell me the domain after years of trying. There was also a lot of progress made to the Coywolf App.

Coywolf Pro membership discontinued

Producing new content that was up to my standards, and doing so frequently enough, was becoming a burden. Most of my mental energy was going to my full-time job as I was given more exciting opportunities. I needed my free time for recharging, but I always had the stress of not feeling like I was producing enough for paying members. Since I didn’t need the revenue, but I did need the mental rest, I chose to end the Pro membership. I also made all Pro articles and resources publicly available.

I continued writing and publishing Pro content, but at a much slower pace. The same was true for News. The News site, in particular, has been an excellent outlet for me to write about topics and events that interest me but may not get much news coverage from other outlets. I also spent more time posting new content for Reviews, which has been performing exceptionally well in Google Search.

Purchasing coywolf.com

Coywolf is a long-term endeavor for me. I’m not in a huge rush to grow the brand, but I am very serious about it. While I love using the new TLDs, and I plan to continue using them, owning the dot com version still holds excellent value from a branding perspective.

In 2021, its longtime owner finally agreed to sell the domain to me, but it was not cheap. The investment was worth it, though, and the previous owner was well compensated. Both of us were pleased with the transaction.

Significant progress with the Coywolf App

Aside from obtaining the coywolf.com domain, the second most exciting thing that happened with Coywolf was finally finding a web developer that is a good fit for the app and has time to work on it. It’s been three years of off-and-on development with very little progress. The person I’m working with now has made significant inroads with the app, and I’m hoping to make the MVP available by mid-2022.

The app I’m making is a web-native minimalist contact manager focused on efficiency and speed that leverages open standards, works with native apps, and is dead simple to use. There are also some “wow” features that I’m not ready to share yet.

I’m building it because it’s the CRM I’ve always wanted. And I’m convinced that it will never exist unless I make it. It may be the least popular CRM ever built, but that’s okay because I’m primarily building it for myself. Regardless, it’s being made as an app that anyone can use.

What to expect in 2022

I have a long list of Pro articles I want to write and update. The same is true for products and services I want to review. And I continue to leverage News for publishing articles about current events that interest me. Expect to see about the same writing pace in 2022 as 2021.

The app will be ready when the app is ready. I’m not giving it an arbitrary launch date because there’s no reason to. Like everything I’ve done with Coywolf, it’s a passion project. I hope it will launch in 2022, and it will be free for everyone to use when it does. If it’s viable, the long-term plan is to make it a Freemium app.

Lastly, I have some other projects I’d like to make called “Coywolf Adaptations.” They are all experiments and services I want to create. They also all require skills I don’t have, so they will depend on whether or not I can find a good and affordable developer to help me create them.