Coywolf News adds Paid Marketing editor, Akvile DeFazio

Akvile DeFazio
Akvile DeFazio

Coywolf News originally started as an experiment to see how a new site could get into Google News. The experiment was successful, and I was able to publish a detailed guide on how to get into Google News.

From the outset, I wanted Coywolf News to be different from other industry news sites. I wanted it to:

In other words, I wanted what didn’t exist but always wished did. So I created it.

The site has proven itself to be a valuable tool for brand awareness. I plan to continue to grow its online presence without compromise. The first step in that growth is the hiring of Akvile DeFazio. She has the distinction of being the very first editor to write for Coywolf News besides myself.

I picked Akvile because of her experience in social media advertising and her strong writing skills. She will mainly be covering Paid Marketing news. However, as the president of Akvertise, a social media marketing agency, she may also cover entrepreneurship and topics that affect digital marketing agencies.

I’m elated to have Akvile join Coywolf News, and I’m looking forward to learning from her.

Since Coywolf is a company of one, I will continue to grow Coywolf News and other parts of the branded network at an organic and unforced pace. My focus will continue to be on what I want it to be, and as I stated before, without compromise. It excites me that I get to work with talented people like Akvile and also present news in a format that I prefer most.